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Anonymous asked
Hi, I really enjoy your writing and I was wondering if you're going to update your DADA fic any time soon?

Thank you so much! I try to work on it every day, and had hoped to get the next chapter up before now, but alas, life got too busy. I’m at comic con this week (and will not have steady internet access) and then head back to Alaska, but after THAT I should be rocking the writing again! I’m hoping both DADA and The Lawn Ranger will be updated early august.

The “Who Is“‘s of Teen Wolf:

Who is the Alpha? - S1

Who is the Kanima? - S2

Who is the Kanima’s Master? - S2

Who is the Darach? - S3a

Who is the Nogitsune? - S3b

Who is the Benefactor? - S4

Who is the final code name? - S4

Soooo, is anyone going to mention the lack of Isaac?  I know Scott was kinda busy/preoccupied when he was with Chris, but you’d think one might ask where one’s friend/adopted beta/possible live-in lover is when the man he ran off with returned to Beacon Hills and he did not.

And a quick word on where Danny scurried off to (London to babysit Jackson I assume) would be nice.

Just, you know, for continuity’s sake.


Oh hell, my stream throws ads in the middle of the show and doesn’t stop so now I’m missing a chunk of info. No idea what happened between he bus and suddenly wet Liam.